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Our Manufacturing Unit

Splendor metachem is specialised in the manufacturing of top-quality foundry materials. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of products including Resin coated sand, Hot tops, and Casting sleeves.

We understand the critical role that foundry materials play in achieving superior casting results. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to the production of high-performance materials that meet the stringent requirements of modern foundries. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and cutting-edge technology enable us to deliver products that consistently meet the highest industry standards.

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Raisin Coated Sand

Resin coated sand is a key component in the foundry process, ensuring excellent mold quality and improved casting outcomes. At our factory, we utilize advanced resin coating techniques to create sand that enhances mold stability, minimizes casting defects, and improves overall productivity. Our resin coated sand is known for its superior flowability, exceptional strength, and excellent thermal stability.

Hot Tops

Hot tops are essential components in the casting process that prevent shrinkage defects. They serve as reservoirs of molten metal to compensate for the shrinkage that occurs during solidification. Hot tops are made of refractory materials and designed to have a larger volume than the casting cavity. They supply additional molten metal to the casting through risers or feeder systems, ensuring the casting is fully filled and free from shrinkage defects. Proper design and placement of hot tops are crucial for efficient feeding and solidification, leading to improved casting quality and yield.

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Casting Sleeves

Casting sleeves are vital components used in the foundry industry to enhance the quality and efficiency of casting processes. These sleeves are cylindrical structures made of refractory materials, designed to regulate the flow of molten metal during the casting operation. Casting sleeves serve multiple purposes, including controlling the metal flow rate, minimizing turbulence, and preventing the entry of unwanted impurities into the mold cavity. They act as conduits, guiding the molten metal from the pouring basin to the mold cavity in a controlled manner. By optimizing the flow characteristics, casting sleeves help ensure uniform filling of the mold and reduce the likelihood of defects such as misruns or cold shuts.

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